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Five twitter feeds for investors and traders - To Follow

We know that the news plays an important role in the stock market. To get the latest information and latest updates we need to follow some best business channels to get the latest business news. So here in this article, we brought some best business news channels Twitter ids. You know most of the latest news about the stock market will be updated through Twitter very fastly because there is a large following for them. So to update them with the latest updates they will post news related to stocks immediately when the news is out. So in this article, you see the five Twitter IDs you must follow. If you are not following them until now then start following them to get the latest updates related to the stock market. HERE IS THE LIST: 1. CNBC - TV18 - CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW CNBC is the well-known and also the most liked business channel. Here this business news channel posts the latest news related to so many aspects. When the market is going on they will keep updating the important ne