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5 things to avoid in stockmarket

The stock market Is a mixture of profits and losses. We do lot of analysis and we apply different techniques and methods for getting profits. But some times we get losses. To avoid getting huge losses, You should avoid doing certain things in your stockmarket career. Dear Investors Our Website (Finance School Blog) Is Listed Among The Top 50 Indian Investment Blogs. Click Here To Read  OPEN FREE DEMAT ACCOUNT IN UPSTOX CLICK HERE 1. Don't Follow tips 2. Don't speculate 3. Don't invest needed money 4. Don't follow others 5. Don't invest in penny stocks. If you want to continue your successful journey in the stockmarket. Try to avoid the above mentioned things. Here is the explanation in detail (Why you should avoid these things?) 1. Don't follow tips: Now a days there are lot of people providing tips about stockmarket through different mediums. You should be careful while following them. Because they will provide tips from their own perspe